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TUCKER® - Window Cleaning Water Fed Pole

TUCKER® - Window Cleaning Water Fed Pole

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50' High Modulus:

This water fed pole is the highest quality model we offer. Made from high modulus carbon fiber and reaching an extended length of 46’, this water fed pole can clean commercial windows up to 4 stories in height without any of the extensions in use.  Utilize the extensions and you can reach 70 even 80+ feet.  All our carbon fiber water fed poles have a serious rigidity that allows you to really dig in, while saving your muscles and joints from extra work.  All our Tucker®, carbon fiber line of poles comes with our unique reach-around gooseneck, allowing you to attach a coarse scrubbing pad to the back of the main nylon brush. This attachment allows you to flip the pole over and utilize the pad to clean, when there is a little extra grime that needs attention.  The Tucker® carbon fiber line water fed poles extend easily and clamp tightly with the Tucker® hand tightened clamping system.  No glue is ever needed on our poles, and the clamps can be tightened or loosened on-the-fly.

40 Foot Pole:

If you're looking for a water fed pole that will reach 3-story commercial windows, this is the pole that will make your working life easier. This economy line window cleaning pole has minimal bend, earning its rigidity from the high quality carbon fiber that gives it strength while maintaining an extreme light weight. This pole ranges from just under 7 feet when fully collapsed up to 36 feet when expanded to its full length. The variable height allows you to clean ground windows up to 3-story buildings. With a Tucker brand water fed brush attached, the entire pole only weighs 6 pounds. All Tucker water fed poles come with the RHG clamping system, which is a complete wrap around clamp that tightens by hand resulting in a tight friction fit. No gluing needed. Each pole is made to extreme tolerances, making each section extremely easy to extend. These poles are built of incredibly high quality components right here in the USA.


What's included:

  • Tucker® - 40 or 50 Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole
  • Tucker Nylon Dual Trim Window Cleaning Brush
  • 100' Tucker 5/16" OD Pole Tubing
  • 1 Set of Male and Female Quick-Connect Fittings
  • Reach-around Gooseneck
  • Red acme tip to convert from water fed to trad pole


  • Fully extended height: 36-46 feet
  • Collapsed length: 6' 8" or 7'
  • Weight: 6 or 7 pounds w/ brush attached
  • Total number of sections: 7 or 9
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