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8 Foot - Fully Assembled Aluminum Pressure Washing Skid

8 Foot - Fully Assembled Aluminum Pressure Washing Skid

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Heavy duty reinforced aluminum welded pressure washing skid. Our Mammoth Skids are Built Tough in the North!

What's included in the fully assembled skid: (options can vary based on your needs)

  • 8 gallon per minute Honda gx690 with K7 unloader and gas tank
  • 7 gallon per minute 12v soft wash pump with 3 way mixing valves
  • 3 Titan aluminum reels with 1/2" stainless steel manifold (18" - water hose 3/4" x 150', 12" - pressure hose 3/8" x 200', 18" - soft wash hose 5/8" x 200')
  • Two 100 gallon skinny tanks (1 for SH, 1 for water) and one 7 gallon tank for surfactant 
  • FloPro remote bypass injector
  • Side-slide surface cleaner rack
  • Aluminum 24" storage box with battery, charger, and dry storage
  • Sheet aluminum floor and storage rack
  • Truck bed footprint is 48" wide x 94" long, wings sit 22.5" high

Featuring three shelves with adjustable ladder rack to fit your desired height. 

Unlike other pressure washing skids, we build our skids in house and reinforce our wings with 2" WELDED square aluminum ensuring the weight of a wing mounted pressure washer and reels. Our stilted storage bay underneath allows for extension poles, lance storage, ramps, or any other items you need to store.

At Mammoth Skids, we decided not to cut cost by reducing materials or using cheap materials. With most skids, you will get what you pay for. Our skids frames are custom built and welded by a former aluminum pontoon welder that understands the importance of precision welding. 

Optional Upgrades: 

  • Extra 100 gallon water tank siamesed together creating 200 gallons
  • Remote shut off for mixing valves
  • Walk-through rear ladder rack
  • Tucker pump window cleaning fill n go
  • Adjustable ladder racks
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